Introducing 10/11 in HD

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As of Monday August 10, 2009, viewers with HD television sets will see 10/11 news in a whole new cleaner and crisper way.

"People who watch us on standard definition, we're still going to deliver the same news that they've been used to but for the people who watch us on a high definition set, you're going to get mutch more of the story, much more detail than what we're currently giving you right now," said 10/11 General Manager Jason Effinger.

10/11 is the first and only station in Nebraska to air newscasts in high definition and Effinger says this update follows along with the station's tradition.

"10/11 has a long tradition of leading the way and taking very seriously how it serves its communities and how it serves the viewers," said Effinger.

The crisper picture will be especially noticeable in severe weather situations. Viewers at home will be able to pinpoint their towns better and have a clearer view of where storms are headed and what areas will be affected. Viewers will also notice the change during Husker football coverage. Effinger believes the new high definition format will escalate the emotions of what all viewers are going to be feeling in a very short period of time.

With high definition television sets becoming more affordable and the number of Americans owning them increasing quickly, Effinger believes this is a smart move on the part of 10/11.

For those who don't have an HD set, don't worry Effinger reasures, "if you don't have one - like 2/3 of Americans, don't worry, we're still going to be giving you the same news, weather,sports, that we're committed to doing, you're just going to miss some of the enhanced stuff."