Senior Citizens Help Daycare Worker

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Kristi Loeschen has already undergone one kidney transplant. She has a genetic disorder that cripples her kidneys. Now she needs another transplant. The Bennett woman is a daycare provider at Trinity Care Center in Lincoln.

Trinity has long had some of its children spend time with residents of Haven Manor. The residents there have developed quite an affection for Trinity and its people. So, when they heard about Kristi's health crisis, they decided to help.

The seniors started clipping the "Millionaire Mania Money" each day from the Lincoln Journal-Star. The "money" isn't real. But it can be used to exchange for gifts. These seniors worked hard. And Monday gave $42 million to Kristi Loeschen. She can then use the money to "buy" a large-ticket item that will auctioned off to raise money for her kidney transplant. "Even our facility in Havelock, family members drove all the way down here to South 48th to bring money, they really enjoyed predicting" adds Haven Manor spokeswoman Marcia Matthies.

Trinity is also hosting a chili supper Tuesday evening from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. to raise money to help Kristi.