Grand Island Homes Hook Up with City Water

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Bare earth and holes mark every lawn along Mary Lane. Most of the residents are happy to have the eyesores mark their street. It means the city water main is ready to go.

Over two months ago, the residents of Mary Lane found they had high levels of the industrial solvents, dichloroethylene and tetrachloroethylene, in their private wells. Since then, they have been using bottled water and charcoal filters to stay safe from the contaminants.

Today, the city opened up the water main that will allow the homes to use their tap water without the hassle of extra filters. The main was installed within a two month time frame. It usually takes six months to get a water main in place. The city put a rush job on the main after the residents of the area signed a petition to speed up the process.

Not all of the homes have access to the water main. Case New Holland is paying for individual service lines to be put in place. This process could take a few weeks to get everyone hooked up. Both weather and the availability of plumbers could effect how long it takes.

All of the private wells have to be capped off, never to be used again. That was a stipulation Case New Holland wanted if they were to pay for the private service lines.