Schuyler Police Stage Robbery

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The Schuyler Police Department says it was contacted by Gas N' Shop to commission a fake robbery in order to train their convenience store employees. The bogus hold-up was held last month.

Police say they helped plan the robbery in which two non-uniformed police officers entered the store carrying guns and making demands of 11 employees and managers inside. The exercise all staged for training purposes.

A statement from the Schuyler police says that they agreed to the exercise only after receiving assurance from Gas N' Shop that employees could mentally and emotionally handle any potential stress. Precautions were also taken to ensure that no customers were on the premises when the event was staged.

Schuyler police issued this statement, "The project was carefully planned to consider all the potential possibilities, and the guarantee that no one would be harmed."

Calls made to Gas N' Shop Corporate attorneys were not returned.