Meth Bust

The house sits at 624 South 56th street, an undoubtedly residential area that has been a hotbed of activity since 11:30 a.m. Thursday.

According to the Lincoln Police Department, they received a phone call from concerned parents about the whereabouts of their son. When they arrived to his home on the corner of 56th and J streets in Lincoln, they recognized the smell of ammonia.

“It was such a strong odor that they went ahead and had Lincoln fire and rescue enter the house to make sure nobody was in danger at the time... the fire department did see some evidence of methamphetamines on the inside,” says Sergeant Robert Ziemer.

Police say the owner of the home is Leena Zimmerman, whose son had been living there. They have not been able to locate the son, whose name they are not yet releasing. As of now he is a suspect.

As for surrounding neighbors, the health department says there were not enough meth-making ingredients to pose a any health risks.