Nebraska Native Helped Guard Money

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A Nebraska native helped guard the $750,000 dollars in cash that soldiers found with Saddam Hussein during his capture in Adwar, Iraq.

Tina Schmidt, wife of Lieutenant Colonel Scott Schmidt, says her husband was glad to be a part of the military's capture of Saddam, even just a small part.

The Omaha World-Herald first reported Schmidt's involvement in its edition Tuesday. The Associated Press also reached Schmidt's wife in Texas.

Schmidt is in charge of financial affairs in a section of Iraq served by the Fourth Infantry Division, which helped capture Saddam.

Schmidt was born in Hebron and graduated in 1980 from Gretna High School. He went through the R.O.T.C program at Peru State College and has been in the military for nearly 20 years.

Schmidt has been in Iraq since last March and hopes to return to the United States by the first part of April.