Video Game Called Racist

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The video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is being called racists. In the game players are encouraged to “kill all Haitians” and “kill all Cubans”.

When the game first came out a year ago many people said it was too violent and was overloaded with sexual content.

The Haitian American Grassroots Coalition and Cuban immigrants said the game shouldn’t be designed to destroy any one ethnic group.

Marcus Ramer plays the game and says everyone is a target.

“There’s people walking on the street you can kill them too. You can pick up guns or swords or bats or whatever you can and there’s no reason. It’s just a gruesome fun game,” said Ramer.

A Best Buy associate says the game is the best selling item of the season for young boys.

“Grand Theft Auto is really popular. It’s one of the more popular games right now. We only have one on the shelf but it’s one of the more mature games on the shelf,” said David Lombard.

The makers of the game Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games issued a statement apologizing for the dialogue. They agreed to remove the statements from future copies of the game.