Task Force on Child Protection Services

The governor’s 36-member task force met for the final time Thursday, to finalize recommendations for overhauling the state’s child protection services.

Among the recommendations, the task force is asking the legislature to increase case workers employees by at least twenty percent across the board and add 99 employees.

Those that stay on would also be evaluated annually, with rewards for those deemed outstanding.

The price tag for the overhaul is estimated to be around $7 million, which the report made no mention of how to raise.

“I think it has to pass, if it doesn’t pass then the state government is saying we don’t have the will to protect our children, and no matter how bad the financial crunch is, there’s money that can be raised, ”says Lancaster County Attorney Gary Lacey.

Gov. Johanns has asked the task force to submit a final copy of the report by Monday.