Finding Reality

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About once a week, Dean Edson of Lincoln hops in the car and travels 195 miles to Gothenburg.

He makes the nearly three-hour drive to visit with his father and do even more traveling.

Darwin Edson is 83 now. He has Alzheimer's. He's going downhill, deep into fog. After his wife died in March, he made his home at the Gothenburg Memorial Hospital's long-term care unit.

On a recent trip, the pair traveled to Cozad, where Darwin got a glimpse of some farmyards. In Darwin's mind, home is still the farm and he has big plans to build a new house on their land for his wife. Dean nods, knowing steering him back to reality is unnecessary.

Now he takes to heart what his father told him as a child. Darwin once said to go with the flow because things happen in life.

Now, Dean goes with the flow and smiles at the jokes his dad starts but doesn't finish.