Nebraska Officials Respond to Threat Level Increase

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Governor Mike Johanns and Lieutenant Governor Dave Heineman ask all Nebraskans to "raise their level of awareness and vigilance in response to today's national threat level increase."

National Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge raised the nation's terror threat level from yellow, or elevated alert, to orange, or high alert, today.

In response, Heineman coordinated communication with state and local law enforcement, controlling authorities of some of Nebraska's critical assets, as well as other officials.

Heineman told 10/11, "[This is] the highest level of volume they've seen since 9-11...and that we're likely going to be on alert through the holiday season."

Governor Johanns tells Nebraskans, "we have no information pointing to any threat or evidence of impending terrorist activity against any person or place within Nebraska. However, the concern among federal officials is clear and we must take it seriously."

Johanns also advises Nebraska residents to be on the lookout for any suspicious activities and to report them to law enforcement immediately.