Mountain Lion

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The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission confirms tracks found about a mile east of Valentine in North-central Nebraska were made by a mountain lion.

The tracks were reported to the Commission by John Michalek of Valentine on Tuesday. He notified commission wildlife biologist Tom Krolikowski and a site visit followed.

After reviewing Krolikowski's measurements and photos of the tracks, commission furbearer specialist Richard Bischof determined they were undisputedly made by a mountain lion.

Krolikowski says the abundance and freshness of sign aided in the immediate determination. He says hopefully this lion is on the move and has moved away from Valentine.

The commission encourages people to report sightings of mountain lions or signs of activity.

This is the 14th confirmed mountain lion occurrence in Nebraska since 1991. The last confirmed observation was that of a mountain lion captured in Omaha. That lion is now a resident at Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo.