Ron Brown Stays Positive

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Former wide receivers coach Ron Brown had the longest tenure of any of the Husker assistant coaches fired. He spent 17 years with Nebraska Football.

He is focusing on the positive.

“The question is what are your eyes on. If your eyes are on the circumstances you can get pretty bitter. But if your eyes are on the Lord Jesus Christ then you are going to get better,” he said.

Brown said it was a sad day but believes being fired will lead to something even better.

He says most of the coaches and players were hopeful about the future. He did express some concern about how the changes would affect players.

“A number of these men do not have father figures in their life and coaches have served that. You know when you lose a coaching staff you lose a very close intimacy with the players,” Brown said.

He said he has one coaching job possibility. If that doesn’t work out he will pursue sports ministry or more Christian radio.