Investigators Raid Pipe Shops

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Narcotics Investigators raid several pipe shops in town, seizing thousands of dollars in inventory.

In the past week, three local shops were hit. Those include Pipe Dreams, and Exotic Gift Emporium near 27th and Randolph Street. Super Exotica located on North 48th was also stung.

Three separate search warrants detail a long list of times seized. Glass pipes, bongs, scales, baggies, roach clips, and mouth pieces were listed. No one at the shops would talk to us on camera. Calls to Pipe Dreams went unanswered.

The search warrant says the property taken is part of an investigation of crimes relating to the use, possession, and sale of drug paraphernalia.

Narcotics investigators working the case wouldn't talk to us on camera, saying the investigation is ongoing.

No charges or arrests.