Experts Look for Surprise at Iowa Caucus

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“Right now you may have a four way tie in the polls, that doesn't mean those four will come out neck in neck in the actual caucuses.” Lincoln's Bill Avery is with the Democratic National Committee. He calls the caucuses more of an expectations game. "A lot of times people who don't come in first are perceived as winners because they do much better than they are expected to," said Avery.

One of those candidates to look out for, John Edwards. Nebraska Wesleyan Political Science Professor John Vermeer says, "Edwards has surprised me. The junior senator I didn't expect he'd get the support from IA. I don't think we'll get a clear cut front runner emerging from this."

Vermeer and Avery say the issues are important, but may not end up being the determining factor. "The difference is organization," said Vermeer. "My own view is the best organized campaign is Howard Dean. He had 100 volunteers, they're not volunteers he recruited, they came to him," said Avery.

Avery says Iowa will surely give some candidates a big bounce but that doesn't assure anything, other than there's more work to be done.

The New Hampshire primary follows the Iowa Caucuses. It takes place a week from Tuesday.