City Hopes Campaign for Homeless Shelter Will Pay Off

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North Platte is hoping a campaign to raise money for a new homeless shelter will pay off this month.

The staff of the Lincoln Connection shelter is hoping to raise $75,000 by the end of January to move the shelter to a new location.

Ron Snell of the Lincoln Connection said the new location would offer better access to clients, more parking and less traffic.

It would also give the shelter the opportunity to build a children's play area and an outside adult area.

Donations have already raised $40,000 so far. If the Lincoln Connection raises the full $75,000, it will kick start the project and allow the shelter to apply for grants. Extended Web Coverage

Facts about Homelessness

  • On any given night, 750,000 Americans are homeless.

  • Over the course of a year, as many as two million people experience homelessness for some period of time.

  • These are the people who live on the street, in shelters, in cars, and in campgrounds.

  • Millions more live in precarious situations—over-crowded with family or friends, housed temporarily in institutions like prisons or mental hospitals, or paying too much of their income for rent.

  • The fastest growing group of homeless people consists of families with children.

  • Families make up about 36 percent of the people who become homeless.

  • The typical homeless family consists of a young unmarried mother with two or three small children.

  • Many of these young mothers are fleeing domestic violence, and most lack the work skills, access to child care, or access to jobs necessary to support their families.

Source: (National Alliance to End Homelessness Web site) contributed to this report.