Court Grants Joint Custody to Gay Couple

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A Douglas County District Judge has awarded two mothers joint custody of an eight-year-old boy.

Judge Joseph Troia issued a ruling late last week in the three-year custody case between Serenna Russell of Omaha and Joan Bridgens, who lives near Detroit.

The child will live mainly with Russell. Bridgens will pay child support.

The case has drawn the attention of local gay-rights activists. They say it demonstrates the need for courts to oversee any child's welfare regardless of the parents' sexual orientation.

Russell and Bridgens were in a long-term relationship in 1997 when they jointly adopted the boy in Pennsylvania. Russell initially adopted the boy in 1996.

Russell's attorney Susan Ann Koenig said Russell is pleased with the ruling.

A message left Tuesday nigh at the office of Bridgens' counsel John Eker was not immediately returned.