Bomb Plant

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Crews are scheduled to start back burns Wednesday in the brush around a former bomb manufacturing line near Grand Island.

The back burns are to prepare for Monday, when detonation and deconstruction is scheduled for the line. The line was part of the Cornhusker Army Ammunition Plant. The back burns will burn away any dead brush to better control Monday's fire.

It is the fourth detonation of the plant's lines. The line is three-quarters of a mile lone. Three lines have already been destroyed. After Monday's detonation, only one more line will remain.

The line was used to manufacture explosives for World War Two, the Korean War and the Vietnam War.

Officials determined the only way to clean the property for future use was to destroy it because of explosive residue left in pipes and floorboards.

The land under the line is under contract to be sold to Nebraska Public District for the possible future construction of a coal-fired power plant.