Omaha Millionaire

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An Omaha man who lived like a pauper in an abandoned meat packing plant was worth millions of dollars, and he has left much of his fortune to charity.

Otis Glebe died in December 2002 at age 83.

He owned low-rent apartment buildings and often was criticized for not keeping them up.

It was long rumored that Glebe was a millionaire. The Omaha World-Herald reported Sunday that recently filed public documents show Glebe had $3.7 million in stocks and bonds and an estimated $800,000 worth of real estate.

Glebe left the majority of his money - $3.4 million - to establish the Otis Glebe Medical Research Foundation.

The World-Herald said not much is immediately known about the foundation, but it is expected to provide grants in the Omaha area.

Unmarried with no children, Glebe was widely known for his penny-pinching ways and for his battles against government efforts to force him to maintain his apartments and houses.