Storm Dumps Up to a Foot of Snow in Eastern Nebraska

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Officials with the National Weather Service are saying a storm that has already dumped ten inches of snow in some areas may be one of the biggest snow storms Nebraska has seen in a long time.

National Weather Service meteorologist John Pollack says historically, there has only been a handful of storms that have dumped that much snow in January. He says the storm that moved through Sunday and Monday is right up there.

While the heavy snow was tapering off across the eastern portion of the state, by Monday afternoon it had given way to flurries, blowing snow and chilly temperatures. Those temperatures are only expected to continue to drop.

Pollack says wind chills, bolstered by 20 to 30 miles-per-hour winds in eastern Nebraska were predicted to get down to 15 or 20 below zero late Monday night.

Hastings reported wind gusts of up to 37 miles per hour Monday morning.

The eastern half of the state is under a winter storm warning until Monday night.