Working in the Snow

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Most students and people from local workplaces watched the snow accumulate from a nice warm home. Others dug their cars out of the snow and went to work.

The Pizza Hut on 48th and Leighton had a busy day. They averaged 30 to 50 calls an hour. Angelica French, who delivers pizza’s, says patience and a good attitude get her through the day.

“Some people are thoughtful about it. Like I’m sorry I made you come out. All you can say is that’s my job. That’s what I have to do.

Towers also had a busy day, but they know days like this are part of the job.

“I enjoy what I do. If I was at home I’d be out playing in it anyway,” said Bobby Eckley with Lincoln Land Towing.

Police say if you don’t have to go out it is best to stay in doors.