6 Years After Kelcey Fike's Murder, Police Continue Investigation

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KEARNEY, Neb. Tuesday marks the six year anniversary of the homicide of Kelcey Fike.

The Kearney Police Department continues to work diligently on this case in cooperation with multiple state and federal agencies. This is considered an active case and any new information is considered important.

If you have any information or know someone who has information, please call the Kearney Police Department at 308-237-2104 or Crime Stoppers at 308-237-3424.

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It was the early hours of June 17, 2008, when Kearney firefighters found the body of 21-year-old Kelcey Fike in her burned trailer home. It was the city's only homicide that year, and to date, no one has been charged in her murder. Five years later, investigators said they're still on top of the case.

In the days after Fike's murder, Kearney Police Chief Dan Lynch made a plea for information from the public.

"Anybody that might have seen something or heard something, whether it be a comment from somebody or anything else, can certainly call the office," Lynch said back in June 2008.

It's the same request that the department has now.

"We believe, as the family believes, that there is someone out there in the community that knows what happened, knows who did it. Five years is up, the guilt has to be a lot, it's time to come forward, it's time to turn this person in," said Kearney Police Captain Mike Kirkwood.

Despite the fact that five years have passed, officials said the case is not cold. Flyers offering a $30,000 reward for information leading to the person responsible for Fike's murder are still prominently featured in the City of Kearney/Buffalo County Law Enforcement Center. Authorities have also put the information on electronic billboards along Highway 30.

"We're still dedicated to it, it's one of the priorities of the police department. We'll continue to work on it until someone is arrested and convicted for this crime," Kirkwood said.

Police said there's no statue of limitations on homicide, so it's just a matter of when they get enough evidence.

"We have suspects, yes, that's true, might be more appropriate to call them persons of interest. But we need to collect physical evidence and link the crime to them," said Kirkwood.

Their ultimate plea is just for people to come forward, no matter how insignificant they think their information might be.

"This is such a complicated case, there are so many things going on, we've interviewed thousands of people on this case," said Kirkwood. "And it all fits in a big puzzle, and that's why we're trying, anybody with any information that they think is even the smallest bit of information, we want them to come in."

Most of Fike's former neighbors at R-Villa South Trailer Court have since moved away, but one man who lived near her at the time of her murder told 10/11 News that the neighborhood is no longer the same. He said that his wife is never home alone unarmed anymore.