Kerry Wins in New Hampshire

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With 89% of the precincts reporting John Kerry leads with 39% of the votes in the race for the Democratic presidential primary in New Hampshire.

Howard Dean comes in second with 26%. Wesley Clark and John Edwards are tied for third place with 12%.

The presidential hopefuls face seven primaries next Tuesday.

Don Nelson worked in more than 40 campaigns in Nebraska and Wyoming. He says expect the unexpected in the coming weeks.

“Given the upcoming series of primaries in quick succession it will set the stage for more uncertainty as we begin to see these horse races develop in the southern and mountain states,” said Nelson.

National Democratic Committeeman Bill Avery says the next few states are important for Kerry.

“Missouri is much, much more important because Missouri has 88 delegates. South Carolina is important for him because he can’t afford to get blown away there. But that’s not his turf like it is for Edwards,” said Avery.

He added that nobody has gotten the nomination that didn’t do well in New Hampshire.