Men Face Federal Indictments

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U.S. Attorney Mike Heavican announced Wednesday that two men from Exotic Gift Emporium and another two men from Super Exotica are being charged with conspiring to sell and selling drug paraphernalia.

“The alleged violations of drug paraphernalia statues is designed to compliment all of the educational efforts, those efforts we make in court, those efforts we make in drug treatment programs,” said Heavican.

Rajinder Kumar, Christopher Pinkelman, Christian Firoz and Frank Firoz face up to three years in prison and or $250,000 in fines.

Lancaster County attorney Gary Lacey said charging the men federally means they face a stiffer penalty.

“It would make no difference to them because they would pay the $100 fine or they wouldn’t show up for court. But it gets their attention when they are facing three years in prison,” said Lacey.

Attempts to contact three of them men were unsuccessful. Pinkelman said he is shocked by the charges.