Neighborhoods Cracking Down on Dilapidated Homes

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For years, people living in the Lincoln neighborhood of Clinton have been forced to look at vacant homes and unkempt property.

Tuesday night they met with the group Neighborworks for a problem property potluck to identify the problem homes and state their case to city leaders.

Reps from the Mayor's office, the City Council and Building and Safety were on hand to hear comments from neighborhood members.

Group leaders say they're fed up with homeowners who don't pay their taxes or take care of their property.

Steph Jones lives in the neighborhood. She says, "My house alone has depreciated in value but it also brings down the neighborhood. I know this is an older neighborhood with people who actually care and raise their family here and they've just had enough."

Jones says the house next to hers has sat vacant for years and is owned by a man who owns 12 properties in the city, while only 2 have tenants.

She says she's repeatedly tried to get him to take care of his property afraid her home will depreciate even more.

Clinton community members say they hope the potluck will bring awareness to the property problem and bring about change in the future.

We tried to contact the owner of the decapitated homes, but have been unable to reach him.