Train Derailment

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A Burlington Northern train passing through eastern Nebraska derailed Sunday morning, giving residents of Ashland an early wake up call.

The train, which was carrying coal, was en route from Wyoming to Illinois, when it derailed around 7:15 A.M. in the town of Ashland, right behind a local gas station.

Debra Lukonen, a gas station employee and witness to the accident, said it was scary. "I wasn't sure what it was, a loud rumble sound, the building shook, you could see it actually shaking the mirrors."

Burlington Northern Santa Fe officials haven't determined the cause of the accident yet, but believe it was something on the tracks that caused the derailment.

Thirty-six of the nearly 120 cars left the tracks, causing damage to two of the main tracks between Lincoln and Omaha. BNSF officials believe they will have one track cleaned up by 7 A.M. Monday, and have the second track open by noon.

The accident closed Silver Street, one of two roads leading into Ashland from Highway 6.