State Prison Inmate Escapes From Tecumseh

Fifty-four-year-old Michael McGuire escaped sometime after 9:45 a.m. Tuesday morning in a brown Chevrolet state van. The van has been found in downtown Omaha.

State Prison spokesman Steve King says the van was located just before four this afternoon, though inmate Michael McGuire was nowhere to be found.

Law enforcement officers were canvassing the downtown Omaha area. They were not ruling out the possibility that McGuire could be traveling on foot.

King says two state Department of Corrections officers transporting McGuire were overpowered and handcuffed to a tree along the highway outside the hospital. They were not hurt.

King says there was a weapon waiting for McGuire at the hospital but he did not know what the weapon was.

McGuire was serving a prison sentence of between 71 to 193 years on charges from Douglas and Lancaster counties for robbery, sexual assault and kidnapping.

King says, quote “This guy’s a dangerous person.”