Lincoln Police Get Special Training

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Police officers respond to a variety of emergencies, but some of the most dangerous revolve around domestic violence cases. Wednesday, members of the Lincoln Police Department received special training to help them respond properly and safely to domestic abuse calls.

National abuse trainer, Mark Wynn, told officers that victims often minimize the danger they are in. Wynn also says officers don't ask enough questions, which often puts themselves and the victims in danger. He says officers need to listen carefully to suspected victims and get as much information about the situation before responding. He cited one case in his home state of Tennessee in which officers escorted a victim to her home to get clothing. They were each shot because they did not know the woman's husband was an ex-army sniper. Asking the victim more questions could have prevented the confrontation.

Other area leaders also received the training this week, including school principals and social workers. More than 350 people attended Mark Wynn's lectures. Lincoln police officers currently have over 40 hours of training in the area of domestic abuse.