Boys Town

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The executive of Girls and Boys Town said portions of the 75-page report investigating claims of sexual abuse were blotted out to protect private persons.

The Reverend Val Peter said anything part of public record – which includes some personal history of those who have filed lawsuits alleging abuse - was not blotted out.

Attorney James Sherrets represents John Struzenegger in his lawsuit against the home. Sherrets said the release is slanderous and violates his client's privacy rights.

Peter said Sturzenegger is a part of public record because he filed a lawsuit. He said that's why his personal history was made available in the report.

Peter said a section on the credibility of that person has been left out, until the trial begins, because it could be damaging to that person.

He said as a successor of Father Flanagan, he does not want to "trash them."