City Snow Woes

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The continuous snowfall the last few weeks is becoming a handful for Lincoln city workers. Snow has to he removed around the clock. Snow and Ice Control Foreman Roger Tiedemn is glued to the weather forecast.

When he and other workers woke up Thursday morning, they thought the storm missed. Leaders cancelled the parking scheduled parking ban, but when the snow started coming down hard over the noon hour, plows had to hit the streets in full force again.

The workers have been on the job, working 12 hour shifts everyday since January 25th. All the work is taking its toll on them.

"Fatigue is starting to wear on the men. They're losing their sense of humor," Tiedemn says.

The city is also receiving a lot of complaints about snow removal. 39 calls came in Monday alone. Workers ask for patience because with each new snowfall, they have to start clearing the snow emergency routes right away, and with storms only a few days apart, they haven't had a chance to be thorough in residential areas yet.

Police Chief Tom Casady doesn't mind the snowy days. There are few accidents, because there are few cars on the roads. What is doesn't like are the days that follow a storm. That's when accident numbers more then double.

Casady says there have been days recently where 90 accidents have been responded to by officers. On the other hand, the storms mean a lot less crime to attend to.