Animal Run Battles Cold & Cancer

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It was not the coldest Animal Run race in Hickman's history...but it close. About 250 people turned out for the year's first race in Lancaster County. While runners enjoyed the friendly competition, they were also contributing to a young girl's battle against cancer.

11-year old Haley Mathis of Panama has been fighting a tumor for six months. She has already had several surgeries, and another one is coming up next week to remove the largest part of the tumor. All the doctor's visits and shots are putting a large financial burden on the Mathis' family, so neighbor and race director, Scott Wieskamp, suggested the funds from the race go to the "Haley Mathis Medical Fund." Every year, the race proceeds go to a charitable cause like Haley's.

Haley was originally scheduled to attend the race, but because of the cold temperatures, her parents decided to keep her at home. Her younger sister, Hanna, was there though to start off the race. Wieskamp says $1,700 was raised to go to Haley's fund.

Those taking part in the race say they participate in the run because of the love of the sport, but they also like contributing to such a nobel cause. John Votta of Hickman says, "I probably would have just written the check anyway just to help the young lady."