Prisoner Captured

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Police say an escaped state inmate was captured today (Saturday) after exchanging gunfire with police on one of the city's busiest streets.

Omaha Police spokesman Officer Dave Volenec tonight (Saturday) confirmed that shots were fired.

Fifty-four-year-old Michael McGuire had been on the loose since overpowering and escaping two guards Tuesday.

He was captured after a Nebraska State Patrol investigator spotted McGuire driving a rental car today (Saturday).

Volenec said the investigator followed McGuire until police arrived at about 1:45 pm CST, surrounding him on Dodge street in central Omaha.

Volenec said McGuire fled the car and ran into a local coffeehouse, where he was captured.

Keri Casady, who owns Mojo's Coffeehouse, said McGuire walked into the business, stomped snow from his shoes and then asked for directions to the bathroom.

Casady said police then stormed the coffeeshop with guns drawn and captured McGuire.