Coffee Shop Reacts to Capture

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Normally, Saturdays are fairly routine at the Mojo Coffeehouse in Omaha. But this Saturday there was a bit of excitement, and a scar on the wall to prove it. A bullet hole in one wall is proof of the standoff that went down.

Owner Keri Casady knew something was going on in the neighborhood just off of 48th and Dodge when she received a call from a friend. He warned her to lock her shop door because police were swarming the area. Before she had the chance, fugitive Michael McGuire walked in the door. She didn't recognize him at first because of his calm attitude. McGuire casually brushed off snow and asked where the bathroom was. As soon as he went in the back, police stormed in. Keri and the seven customers in the shop were told by police to run from the area. Once they were outside, Casady heard a gun shot.

McGuire was captured safely, but now visitors from all over town are coming to the coffeehouse to see where all the action took place and to put their fingers in the bullet hole. Casady even created a special for the day: "Take Down" Chili and Irish creme coffee, The McGuire Special.

Casady is very happy no one was hurt and that everyone stayed calm during the incident. She doesn't plan to fix the hole in the wall. She wants to leave it there as a reminder of what happened.