Aristide Leaves Haiti

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Early Sunday morning, President Jean-Bertrand Aristide fled Haiti and resigned the presidency. Residents took to the streets to celebrate as word of Aristide's departure spread.

Aristide supporters in Haiti's capital of Port-Au-Prince couldn't hold off the rebels who stormed the city shortly thereafter. Looters are sweeping through the city, setting fires, and releasing prisoners.

In response, President Bush has ordered the deployment of U.S. Marines to "help bring order and stability to Haiti." The rebels, led by Guy Phillipe, say they welcome the U.S. and a multi-national force to restore order.

At this point, Haiti's Supreme Court President has been sworn in until elections are held. As for Aristide, it's unclear where he will end up. Reportedly, he was to travel to Morocco, but Morocco has since said it won’t grant asylum to him.