Homeland Security

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HAM radio operators in Ashland have an eye on the sky for severe weather, but they also have an important role in other types of emergencies. If there was some kind of terrorist attack, their ability to communication through their radios would be crucial. That's why they invited Lt. Gov. Dave Heineman to Ashland to talk about homeland security with them and the community.

HAM operators like Matt Anderson want to know more about how they would help in an emergency. They are also concerned that most people aren't concerned enough about terrorist threats. Anderson feels people have become too complacent over the last year.

Heineman hopes that's not the case. He says Nebraska has one of the best Homeland Security departments America. He says different agencies within the state work well together and share resources.

After meeting with Heineman, the operators feel more prepared to lend a hand. Matt's son Evan, a fellow HAM operator says, "Just know that when something happens, we armature radio operators are here. We are there for you guys.