Ten Commandments Court Battle

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The city of Plattsmouth is not giving up in its court battle to keep a Ten Commandments monument in the city park.

A three-judge panel of the Eighth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in mid-February upheld a lower court ruling that the monument must be removed. They say it violates the constitution because it establishes a local religion.

A majority of Plattsmouth residents want the monument to stay put.

"We're a town of 7,000. We have one person a John Doe who filed this suit with the ACLU and there are 6,999 citizens that feel it should be there," said Plattsmouth Mayor Paul Lambert.

The original suit was brought by an atheist resident. The American Civil Liberties Union is pursuing the case on his behalf.

"The constitution is the law of the land and the constitution says this monument violates the first amendment and the monument has to be moved," said Tim Butz with the ACLU.

Both sides vow to keep fighting.

It could get expensive for the city of Plattsmouth. If all appeals are exhausted and the lose the case they will have to pay all the court costs for the ACLU.