Horse barn theft nets thousands.

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A large, simple barn turned out to hold expensive and now stolen horse riding equipment that was stolen sometime over the weekend near Lincoln. The Lancaster County Sheriff's department is now investigating. The theft likely happened Sunday morning at a barn on South 176th Street near Bennett.

Dick Schott and Brian Vogler share the barn to house horses and riding equipment. They found the break-in Sunday morning. Thieves got into the locked up barn by squeaking through a small doggie door in the back. They then opened the front doors from the inside, kicked in the door to the storage room and stole about $10,000 in riding equipment. That includes seven saddles. "Three of the saddles were relatively new, the others were old, in fact, one of them was an old antique high-back saddle, its next to impossible to replace," says Schott.

Schott and Vogler made sure each saddle had serial numbers that are registered. They are notifying area sale barns to be on the lookout.