Embezzlement Investigation

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The former treasurer of the Lancaster County Democrats is being investigated for embezzlement that according to court documents.

Lincoln police are investigating whether James R. Ritzman used money from the party checking account for his personal use.

A search warrant affidavit from the Lancaster County District Court reveals an audit was done for the party. The affidavit shows $110,000 was transferred to Ritzman's personal accounts.

It also shows Ritzman transferred around $70,000 back into party accounts. This leaves nearly $40,000 unaccounted for.

The affidavit also shows police are trying to trace the source of almost $38,000 that was transferred into party accounts from various credit card transactions.

Lincoln Attorney and party representative Jeffery Kirkpatrick told Lincoln Police in the affidavit, Ritzman did not have authority to use party money for personal use.

Kirkpatrick says, "The books weren't out of balance but the checkbook didn't match what the statement said. They should have. That's what started asking questions.”

10-11 news left messages for Ritzman. We didn't hear back.