State to Blame for Bus Crash

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The National Transportation Safety Board says it's the state's fault. A report released Tuesday says hazardous conditions in a construction zone and a faulty guardrail contributed to the crash.

In was October of 2001; three students and a parent were killed when the school bus they were riding in crashed. The bus was full of Seward High School students and parents traveling home from a band competition. The accident happened in West Omaha.
The bus hit a guardrail rolled and fell nearly 50 feet into the Papio Creek.

An NTSB report released says the Nebraska Department of Roads is to blame. It says the state failed to recognize and correct the hazardous conditions in the work zone, those created irregular geometry of the roadway, narrow lane width, and an excessive speed limit in a construction zone.

For families who lost love ones, the report brought answers to many questions.

"Just the other day I had a memory of Eric. I had tears in my eyes thinking about him. Everyday is a struggle," says Phillip Bader.

The Baders lost their son Eric. Eric was a trombone player in Seward's marching band. It was his senior year in high school.

"We can't change what happened, we wish we could go back and change it," says Bader.
Cindy Bader says, "Hopefully this will identity some problems or errors that would have made so they can be resolved."

The Baders are suing the state. There are fourteen other lawsuits in connection with the bus crash.