Fake Bomb, Fake Heart Attack

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Lincoln Police say the man who attempted to abduct a Lincoln bank employee matches the same m.o. as a man dubbed the "bogus bank bandit."

Wednesday, Police arrested 40-year-old Jame Hueber after he attempted to abduct a 61-year-old woman. Police believe Hueber followed the woman from her bank to Valentino's near 70th and Van Dorn. Police think that Hueber waited for the woman to leave the restaurant and then approached her and told her he was armed and going to rob the bank.

The attempted abduction took another turn when the woman faked a heart attack and the suspect took off. She ran into a near by business and the employees called police. Minutes later a police officer spotted the vehicle described in the case and pulled it over with out incident. Inside the vehicle police found a gun and a fake bomb.

Lincoln Police say Hueber could be the same guy Law Enforcers in Colorado and North Carolina are looking for. Police say Hueber used the same methods as a man connected to at least 6 other bank robberies.