Tip Leads Police to Arrest

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A tip from an online vigilante group leads to the arrest of a Lincoln man. Investigators say he arranged a possible sexual encounter with a person he thought to be 14 years old.

James Waldren, 34, is charged with attempted sexual assault of a child.

A Web site, Perverted-Justice.com is what helped tip authorities to the case. Lincoln police say a detailed conversation in a chat room got the investigation started. They served a search warrant and got enough evidence to arrest Waldren.

Investigator Ed Sexton says, "I hope this is what this does, is let's those who want to commit these crimes know they are being watched, and they will be prosecuted."

Waldren's Attorney, Toney Redman, says vigilante groups like this raise an issue of credibility. He says this raises a whole new set of problems when it comes to law and the Internet.