Singing Gorilla

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Does the song "You Are So Beautiful" mean more when sung on bended knee by a gorilla?

It did to three employees at Zwink State Farm Agency in Grand Island.

A worker at the agency, Holly Fitch, conspired with her co-workers' loved ones to arrange the special Valentine's Day treat.

The three lucky ladies were Darlene Zwink, Judy Price and Amye Lilienthal.

The secret serenader inside the suit was an employee at a flower shop owned by Fitch's mother and brother.

Zwink said the Valentine was particularly special because her husband, Alan, will be spending much of the weekend delivering singing Valentines around Grand Island as part of a local barbershop chorus.

She said getting someone else to serenade her was particularly nice.

The two are co-owners of the insurance agency.

Price said the unique Valentine delivered on behalf of her fiancé, Bob Petrick, also brought her little closer to the wild kingdom than she's used to.

Price said she had never been hugged by a gorilla before.