Suspects Arrested in Bank Robbery

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The folks at the people's city gospel mission had a bit of a surprise Friday afternoon. "A truck came racing down the road and police cars behind them, and they pulled the guy over and put him on a truck, searched him, and put him in a cruiser," says Gerald Fleck who is staying at the mission.

What Fleck saw was the Lincoln police bringing Stephen Caldwell and Anthony Starks into custody. Later, the two were arrested as suspects in a robbery that took place just an hour before.

West Gate Bank was robbed at about 2 p.m. Police have released few details, but they say there was no weapon displayed. Police were able to track the two men due to a tip from a witness at the robbery. The person was able to identify the vehicle, a white Blazer, that the suspects were driving. Police are not saying how much money was taken during the robbery.