Double K Closure

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Marv Konopasek has mixed business with pleasure for 48 years.

Double K, a family owned and operated business, opened its doors in January 1956. Little did its owners know it could become a Norfolk tradition.

Tomorrow (Sunday), Konopasek will close the doors for good. But the Double K likely will not be forgotten. It will always have a special place in many people's hearts and, of course, their stomachs.

The eight-foot-tall chicken on top of the building will be saved.

The building, however, will be bulldozed to make way for a new business.

Double K first began as the Goody Shoppe that Marv Konopasek opened in January 1956.

Konopasek was later joined in the business by his brother, Wayne and son, Rick.

The brothers developed Double K's original barbecue sauce. They're not sure whether barbecue sauce production will continue.

People also have asked Marv Konopasek for his homemade coleslaw recipe. But for now, he's keeping a tight lip.