Muddy Race

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Riding a bike in the mud wouldn't appeal to many people. But for some avid bicyclists, a little water only adds to the fun.

Mike Madcharo of Lincoln checked the weather before leaving for a bike race in Panama on February 29th. The reports of rain didn't dampen his spirit or that of the other bicyclists.

The five-mile race took riders through muck on a rainy day. Riding was impossible on some parts of the course. The riders carried their bikes and waded through ankle-deep water.

For most, the point of the event wasn't to see who won but to see who could finish. Most did in under 45 minutes. The event was one of three winter races that lead up to a 12 hour Memorial Day race at Branched Oak Lake.

Simply staying on a bike was a major challenge. Madcharo was pinned under his handlebars. He said, quote, "It's not a race if I don't go down."