Hopeful Fundraiser

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Seventh-grader Kelsi Swartzbaugh has not been able to attend classes at Cedar Hollow Elementary since the week before Chistmas vacation.

But out of sight does not equal out of mind for Swartzbaugh, who has been receiving chemotherapy threatments for leukemia.

That was evident February 24th in the Cedar Hollow cafeteria, where people gathered for a fundraiser to help with Kelsi's medical expenses.

Kelsi, though, was not able to be there because she was feeling rundown from the chemotherapy.

Kelsi will receive chemotherapy for several more months. But her mother says that Kelsi's treatment regimen is scheduled to change. She should return to school in about six weeks.

Because of her weakened immune system, Kelsi has been fairly isolated.

Several local businesses made donations to help made the fundraiser a success.