Malcolm Water

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Many residents of the town of Malcolm north of Lincoln say their water tastes and smells bad, and they are not pleased.

Doug Pakerek with Malcolm Village Maintenance said the growing problem is because of the high concentration of iron in the water.

He says at least half of the residents only drink bottled water.

Dave Lang says the odor is what bothers him the most.

“For three or four years it was so bad that you could turn the faucet on and it just came into the room like skunk water,” said Lang.

Other said the dark orange color is alarming to them.

“I can remember sometimes in the fall filling up the bathtub and just going into shock because the water got that tint to it. It’s just nasty,” said Shelly Nutter.

Village Chairman Doug Alms said they have hired a consultant to look into the water quality problems.

By all safety standards the water is still safe to drink.