Second E-85 Pump Opens in Grand Island

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It's a sure sign ethanol production is growing in the state of Nebraska. The second E-85 fuel pump opened in Grand Island Monday.

Dozens of people lined up to get gas at $.85 a gallon. Customers who arrived in the first hour of the opening got a tank for free.

The fuel is made up of 85% ethanol, which is mainly produced from corn.

Congressman Tom Osborne looks for this to increase the price of the crop. "It'll help the economy overall. We hope people buy into it."

The ethanol blend was offered at a special price Monday. While it will typically sell for less than regular fuel, not all drivers can take advantage of the E-85 blend. Ford and GM are working to make more versatile models. Only those with flexible vehicles can try it out. If you're not sure, check with your dealer.