Snow Sidewalks Continue to Cause Problems

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It hasn't been warm enough yet to melt all the snow and ice that's blanketed the Capitol City over the last month. A number of sidewalks and curbs remain covered. This is causing big problems for some disabled residents.

The sloppy sidewalks left Eric Maly with a headache, literally. He has a huge gash on his forehead.

"I took a tumble out of my chair, into the parking lot, luckily it wasn't the street."

Maly was driving his motorized wheel chair on North 48th when he hit a pile of snow on a sidewalk and tipped over. The messy sidewalks and curb sides have continued to be problems for the group of disabled residents who live alongside Maly. Just a half block from his home on 44th and Vine, he can't drive on the sidewalk, so he heads to the street.

"Out there, playing chicken with the cars."

Maly says makes going to the grocery store, or running any errands difficult. The city tells us the property owners are responsible for scooping the sidewalks. 10-11 News tried to contact the home owners in the area, we weren't able to get a hold of them.

Maly says, "I really can't explain how angry I get when I see after a week or more the snow is still there, how lazy are you?"

For Maly who's out and about everyday, the messy sidewalks are much more than an inconvenience.

"I'm forced to go in the street. I do know that it's extremely dangerous."

"If the sidewalks were properly taken care of I wouldn't need to put myself in that position."

The city tells us it's sometimes difficult to get areas in need of clean up taken care of. Before the city is allowed to remove the snow on its own, it has to contact the home owner with a notice. A city employee tells us often times they're able to reach the tenant, but not necessarily the home owner. This in turn delays the process. Another problem, the city only has three inspectors who are able to hand out notices.