Faust Sentenced

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Kimberly Faust has gone through two trials, been convicted twice and is now facing a mirror image of her first sentencing, life in prison. Faust was sentenced to life in prison for the deaths of Shannon Bluhm and Robert Parminter. The two were killed in April of 2000.

Faust was found guilty last month of killing her estranged husband's girlfriend Bluhm and then killed Parminter the good samaritan who was trying to help Bluhm.

Faust's defense tried getting a new trial. The defense claimed prosecutor misconduct, but the judge denied the motion.

Ashley Faust, Kimberly's daughter says, "You haven't heard the last from us." Ashley goes on to say, "She has hope god will set her free and so do we."

The families of the victims say justice has finally been served. Although the won't have complete closure they do have some peace now that the judge has made a final decision.

Nancy Gocke, Bluhm's mother say, "Kimberly Faust will always be a thorn in our side. We still have appeals and parole hearings."