Public Motocross Track Won't Happen

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One by one County Commissioners voted to deny a permit opening a Denton motocross track to the public.

The track is across the road from Audubon Spring Creek Prairie, a deciding factor for commissioners.

“The motocross track and Spring Creek Prairie can not be in close proximity and at the same time allow either of them to function properly,” said Commissioner Bob Workman.

While much of the debate was civil some commissioners said they felt some correspondence was threatening.

“I had some ugly confrontational letters, calls and even in public places and that bothers me,” said Commissioner Larry Hudkins.

Doctor David Samani owns the track. He says he applied for the permit so riders would have someplace close to go.

“I felt like an area like this was needed. Not only for families but for their kids to practice their sport and to possibly hold some races,” said Samani.

Commissioners agreed that a track should be build somewhere in the county. Not only because riders need a place to go but also because the county is missing out on economic opportunities.